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DK's Jungle Parkway

(1) Stay on course here or the natives will bop you with spiked nuts!

(2) When going over this ramp, try to aim as far left as you can to get a better lead against your opponents, but don't go too far off or you'll miss the track completely. Use a turbo when you land and you shouldn't loose any speed. And watch out for that darn paddle boat.

(3) When you enter the cave you'll see a hill right in front of you. Use a turbo to blast your way up the hill and skip the having to go around. You can even power-slide up the slope if you hit it at just the right spot.

(4) SUPER SHORTCUT!! When you begin the race, instead of going forward, go backward until you reach the cave. Once in the cave, turn around and go back toward the mouth of the cave. Go towards the left wall of the cave and jump into the corner. If you did it right, you should fly through the wall and fall into a underground lake. If you did it right, the cloud will pick you up and put you down at the starting line. (If he puts you in the cave, you did it wrong). Drive over the starting line and you'll have noticed that you've gained a whole lap! If you pull it off 3 perfect times in a row, you should be able to get under a minute on this course!