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Mario Raceway

(1) These are very tight turns and they come at you one right after the other, so you might want to prepare for the next turn as you're doing the one before it.

(2) There is a tiny shortcut just before the green tube. If you use a turbo on the sand trap on this turn instead of going around it, you'll blast away at least a second.

(3) SUPER SHORTCUT!! This is a very difficult thing to pull off, but if you manage to do it, it'll cut quite a lot off your time. You'll need at least 1 mushroom. Make you're way to the turn just before the giant mushroom turn. Go slightly up the hill to the left. Come down the hill so that you're facing straight on with the tip of the turn and aiming for where the sections of the walls intersect. Trigger your mushroom right as you're about to leave the ground, jumping at the same time. You'll end up at the big green tube! That's quite a shortcut. If you manage to pull this off 3 times in a row, you should be able to get under a minute on the Time Trials.