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Enable Cheats

Press start to pause your game. Now press top Cc, bottom C, left C, and right C to make the cheat menu appear.
The menu features two pages of cheats. To see the second page, highlight "Collect" and press A. You will be able to look at the cheats, but you won't be able to use them without the proper code. Check out the chart below for the codes.
God Modeleft C, right C, Bottom CInvincibility
ClippingPress top C twenty time and bottom C onceWalk through walls
Visitleft C, left C, right C, right C, bottom C, top CStage Select
Butcherbottom C, top C, left C, left CDestroys all monsters
Healthleft C, top C, bottom C, Bottom CRefils life meter
All Keysbottom C, top C, left C, right Cgives you all the keys