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Killer Instinct Gold

Gargos Lives!

This code is done while in the character profiles.(wait awhile after you turn your system on).
Z, A, R, Z, A, B. You'll hear Gargos laugh.

Gargos's Special Moves

First, you must enter the "Gargos Lives!" code above. Now use the chart, and learn the special moves for KI Gold's toughest fighter.
MoveButton Combo
DashFwd, Dwn-Fwd, Dwn, Dwn-Bck, Bck, MK/FK
Claw UppercutFwd, Dwn, Dwn-Fwd, FP
PounceBck, Dwn-Bck, Dwn, Dwn-Fwd, FK
SpitfireDwn, Dwn-Fwd, Fwd, QP
FlyUp + FP
Air FireballDwn, Dwn-Fwd, Fwd, QP/MP/FP (while in air)
OpenersDash or Pounce
Linker & PressureFwd + FK
BreakerClaw Uppercut

Easy way to colors

This is a way to get all the colors without having to go through training. At the character profiles press Z, B, A, Z, A, L. You'll hear a "welcome" voice.

Stage Select

When selecting your character you must do the following in order to get to the stage you want to go:

Wolf Castle - Up+QP
Bridge - Dn+QP
Stonehenge - Up+QK
Dojo - Dn+QK
Jungle - Up+MP
Dungeon - Dn+MP
Museum - Up+MK
Spinal Ship - Dn+MK
Space Ship - Up+FP
Street - Dn+FP
Helipad - Up+FK
Sky Stage - Dn+MK(Both Controllers)

Glacius Infinite Combo

This is actually an infinate combo! Use Glacius's liquidize and uppercut with a medium kick for the opener, and then press forward and fierce kick, keep repeating this. The combo will go on until life bar is gone or the opponent breaks it.
This can also be opened with the Cold Shoulder with a medium punch then forward and fierce kick.

Early Credits

This code will alow you to view all the credits without finishing the game.
When you turn your system on, wait till you see the character profiles, then press; Z, L, A, Z, A, R.

Instant Options

At the character profiles, press this combonation: Z, B, A, L, A, Z.

Random Select

Press Up and Start. The game will randomly choose a fighter for you.

Select the Tune

This only works in the two player arcade mode. The second player just has to do the stage select code. Now you can be on the Spinal Ship, but have the tune from the Jungle.