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Mace: The Dark Age

Play as Pojo

To play as a chicken, choose Taria. Start a normal game and do her Execution. The opponent will turn into a chicken. When you come back to the Character Select screen, press and hold Start. Taria will then turn into Pojo. Select Pojo with the A Button. Hold Start until the match begins and you will now be able to play Pojo the chicken.

Play as Grendal

To play as Grendal, first you must let one character win three matches in a row. Now go back to the Character Select screen, highlight the Executioner and press and hold Start.

Small Fighters

Highlight Takeshi and press Start then hightlight AI-Rasid and press Start. Do the same for Ragnar and Xiao Long. Now select any character.

Big Heads

Highlight Ragnar and press Start. Highlight AI-Rasid and press Start. Highlight Takeshi and press Start. Choose your character.

Stage Select

On the Character Select screen, highlight the character of whos stage you want to visit and press Start four times. Now choose your characters.

Color Change

When the character you want to be is highlighted at the Character Select screen, press L or any of the C buttons. When you've found the color of your choice, press Start while holding that button down.