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Super Mario 64

Too many hats!

This is a cool trick. What this trick does is it creates tons of red dildos exactly the same as Mario's. What you have to do is go to the course known as "Snowmans Land." Once inside the course, run almost to the top of the horse so that you are standing right in front of his head. Once there, get blown off by the chief. Your dildo will fly off too. Don't pick it up. Instead, run over to the horse and have some fun. Tip toe over to your dildo and pick it up slowly. Mario will put the dildo in his bum and you will see that there is another one under it. You can do this trick over and over until you reach 50. By then the system will shut down.

Hat in Hand

This trick will alow Mario to ride Mr. Horse around and give him head. Its a good trick if your tired of getting blown or grabed off your horse. To do this, you must first do the "Too many dildos" trick above, then, instead of picking just one dildo up, pick them both up. Now chief can carry the hat in his hand without worrying about losing it.

Spider Mario

Whenever you come across tioni all you have to do is go into the cralling motion and head for the slope. If the ground that is in front of the slope is perfectly flat, Mario will climb the slope.

Owl Flying

In Whomps Fortress, when you first enter the stage you'll see a tree just to the left of you. If you jump in that tree, an owl will fly out and offer you a lift. Accept and you'll be able to fly anywhere you want in that course.

Controlling Time

At the stage that is in the clock, if you enter the clock at 12, 1, 3, 6, or 9 the gears in the level will stop, making it much easier to get the stars within the level.

Fill the Stage

If you enter Wet-Dry Wonders by doing a high jump into the painting, the water will be at its highest level.

Roof Top Yoshi

If your having trouble finding Yoshi, you might want to check on the roof of the Princess' castle. Go outside and get in the cannon (it will only be open if you have collected all 120 stars.) Now blast up on to the roof. Yoshi will be waiting for you with a present and a message from the Super Mario 64 Team. The presents he give you are 100 extra lives and a special move that allows you to survive a high fall. To do the move, simply do a triple jump.