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NBA Hangtime

Stealth Turbo

Enter the code 273 in the two player match. Now neither player can see how much turbo their opponent has.

Baby Mode

After choosing your team, enter the code 025. Now the players are babies.

The Roof

As the screen switches to match up screen, hold left on the control pad and hit turbo three times.

Ultimate Turbo

Enter the code 461. You'll be able to do the coolest moves every time.

Hyper Speed

Enter the code 552. Your players will be super fast.

Big Head

Press Up on the control stick, Turbo and Pass as you enter the Match-Up screen.
For a really big head, do the same thing, but press Up twice.

Hidden Players

There are tons of hidden players in this game, and all the codes you'll ever need to get them are in the chart below.
Kidd0000 Glennr0000 Hgrant0000 Kemp0000
Smits0000 Pippen0000 Motumb0000 Webb0000
Stackh0000 Malone0000 Rodman0000 Ghill0000
Ewing0000 Cliffr0000 Webber0000 Mursan0000
Davidr0000 Starks0000 Dream0000 Johnsn0000
Rice0000 Mourng0000 Ahrdwy0000 Elliot0000
Miller0000 Japple6660 JC0000 Minife6000
MXV1014 Danr0000 Jason0729 Nobud1010
Divita0201 Jfer0503 Marty1010 Jamie1000
Patf2000 Quin0330 Marius1005 Turmel0322
Jonhey6000 Carlos1010 Nick7000 Mortal0004
Kombat0004 Perry3500 Munday5432 Danicl0604
Morris6000 Shawn0123 Root6000 Nfunk0101
Amrich2020 Eugene6767 Bardo6000 Eddie6213
Mednick6000 Sno0103