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Pilotwings 64

New York To San Francisco Warp

To warp from NY city to San Fran, find a green building with a ground level door. Fly inside to see an N64 logo. Fly through the building and out the other door. You'll emerge in San Francisco.

Miami To Seattle

In the Florida area, look for a hanger with an open door. Fly into it. Now turn around and come back out. You'll be in Seattle, Washington.

Day To Night

On Holiday Island, follow the river beneath the castle. go to the end and bump the grate. If you hear a tone, turn around and exit the cave. Day will have become night.

Top Off Your Gas

If you're getting low on gas in the Little States, find a gas station near the shuttle launch pad. Cross or touch the center line in one of the parking lots for an instant fill-up.