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Super Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back

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Super Star Wars
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Star Wars: Shadows of the Empire

Hoth: Outside

Boss: AT-AT

Knock off the flying stormtroopers. When you reach the AT-AT's head, explode a thermal detonator. If you don't have a detonator, go after the guns one by one, beginning with the gun on the left.

Hoth: Rebel Base

Boss: Hover Vehicle

Shoot the gun turrets at the front and back, then go for its swinging spiked legs. Roll whenever the legs come near you.

Boss: AT-ST

Roll under the AT-ST and blast it from behined. Grenades are much more effective against this boss than your blaster is. There is a shield at the far right of the screen to help you.


Boss: Habogad

First shoot his eyes and nose. After that, every shot you make will decrease his life bar. Use the heal force power when your life is low.


Boss: Trash Boss

The Ugnaught Factory boss will spew garbage at you from openings in its ships hull. Shoot at those openings, then fire at its craft.

Boss: Carbon Freezing Chamber Boss

Jump to the highest platform and shoot it from above. If your health sword is full, you'll beat the boss.

Boss: Boba Fett

Shoot out the turrets first, then use the flame spin.

Boss: Darth Vader

Jump and slash at the debris he throughs at you. Hit his projectiles to get power ups. Use your slide to evade Vader and use the Saber Cantrol Force Power, which is your most effective weapon. Beware, as Darth will drop debris on your head evan when he's off the screen.