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Super Star Wars: Return of the Jedi

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Super Star Wars
Super Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back
Star Wars: Shadows of the Empire

Desert Canyon

Boss: The Gatekeeper

Hit the gate keeper as it emerges from any hole, or use your spinning attack when its not shooting lightning. Luke's Lightsaber makes attacking this guard much easier.

Palace of Jaba the Hutt

Boss: Dancer

Use your spinning attack on the Dancer. The Dancer will vanish, then reappear firing shots. Spin downward to attack the Dancer's back. Luke is the best hero for this.

Boss: Guardian Toad

Attack the smaller toads to reveal health. Use Chewies spin attack against them. If you are using Luke, use his spinning light saber attack.


Boss: Rancer

This is easiest with Han or Chewie. Blast the Rancer from a distance. Its as simple as that.

The Barge

Boss: Barge Monster

Hit the Monster when he jumps or when he fires his ball and chain.

Inside The Sail Barge

Boss: Jaba the Hutt

Stay back and dodge Jaba's whip tail. Use the spin jump to defeat his helpers. If you are Han or Chewie, stay back and blast from a distance. You won't get hit once.


Boss: Robot Biker

Destroy the Troopers first. Now fire all the arrows you got at him.