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Ken Griffy Jr.'s Winning Run

Homers At Night

In a two-player game, pause the game when you're at bat and press B, Y, B, Y, and Select. If you hit a fair ball doing this at bat, it will count as a homer.
In an outdoor stadium, pause the game and press Select, Down, A, Y. Once the game view changes, day will turn into night or night into day.

Hidden Teams

At the Title screen, press A, B, X, Y, Up, Down, and Select. The longer the season completed, the more teams you'll have to choose from.

Max Ability

Pause the game, press A, Right, Down, Left, A, Down, and Select.

Slow Down

Press Left, A, Right, Down, Y, and Select to slow the game down.

Random Pitches

Press Left, Y, A, Right, and Select to randomize the opposing pitcher's throws.

Super Pithes

Press B, A, Down, B, A, Left, and Select to get super fast pithes!

Home Run

Press B, Y, B, Y, and Select. If you get hit and the ball is fair, you get a home run!