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Killer Instict

Eyedol Secret Code

At the character select screen, choose Cinder. At the vs screen, hold Right on the D-pad and press QP, QK, FP, MK, MP, FK.

Stage Select

When selecting a character you must hold Up or Down and then press the corresponding button to choose a stage. Ice Temple: Up+QP
Infinite Caves: Up+MP
Ice Sculpture: Up+FP
Castle Rooftop: Up+QK
City Rooftop: Up+MK
Desert Rooftop: Up+FK
Wooden Bridge: Dn+QP
Blood Bath: Dn+MP
Lava Bridge: Dn+FP
City Street: Dn+QK
Castle: Dn+MK
Factory: Dn+FK
Air Box: Dn+MK(both controllers)

Speed em' up

At the vs screen, hold Right and all kicks. For this to work on two-player mode you must do this on both controllers.