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Mega Man X

Mega Man Fireball

This trick will allow X to gain a power that is like the fireballs that Ryu and Ken have in the Street Fighter series.
To make this trick work, you must first collect:
8 Heart Tanks
4 Sub Tanks
8 Special Weapons
4 Power Ups

Now, follow the 3 steps bellow to get the fireball.
Step #1: Go to the Armored Armadillo stage, and ride the last mine cart until it launches you outside. Jump just before it hits the wall.
Step #2: Grab the wall and climb up to the ledge. Collect the energy pellet and jump into the pit. Repeat steps 1 and 2 five times.
Step #3: On the fifth try, a capsule will be on the ledge. Climb in to get the fireball power.
To work the fireball, your life meter must be full. Press Down, Down/Forward, Forward, and Y.