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Street Fighter Alpha 2

Twin Fighters

This code will allow you to play one player against an evil twin contolled by the computer.
Label all the fighters as F1, F2, F3 and so on. Start a match with F1, and loose. Continue using F2, and loose again. Now continue as F3, but press start on controller 2 as the match begins. You'll go back to the player select screen. With controller 2, select F4. Allow F3 to win the match. Continue the game through the next four matches, allowing F3 to defeat F5 through F8. Continue the game again. With controller 2, select F2. Once the match begins, don't fight, instead, just let the timer run out. Once the match ends, continue the game with controller 1 and select F2. The next match will be between F2 and F2.

Classic Chun-Li

To see Chun-Li in old costume, highlight her at the Player Select screen, hold Start and press any punch or kick button.

Field Stage

In a Vs. game at the Stage Select screen, highlight Sagat, hold Start on both controllers and press any button.