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Super Star Wars

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Super Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back
Super Star Wars: Return of the Jedi
Star Wars: Shadows of the Empire


Boss: Kalhar

Once all the Cantina riffraff are defeated, move slowly to the right. Once Kalhar's life bar appears start shooting all you got in his direction. Your blasts will slowly push Kalhar back. He'll then start to charge at you. When he does, move forward while jumping. This will push Kalhar back to the edge of the screen. Now quickly move back and start again doing the same thing.

Mos Eisley: Hanger 99

Boss: Hover Combat Carrier

Crouch directly underneath it and fire up at it. It is essential to take out the middle turret on the bottom first. Now you can destroy the two jets and the front turret. Once they're gone slide to the far right, crouch, and destroy the rear turret. When all the weapons are destroyed, crouch, and blast the HCC like mad.

Death Star Hanger Bay

Boss: Imperial Defence Droid

When the Droid jumps, slide under it and crouch behind it. Aim at the point where it releases its guided missiles. Now you can shoot the missiles and destroy the Droid.

Rescue Princess Leia

Boss: Detonation Guard

Stay underneath the Guard and fire up at it. Once you blow up the main hover craft there will be a pod to destroy.

Tractor Beam Core

Boss: Tractor Beam

Stay on the rail where the Spider Troopers were and place yourself under the core, where the lasers are shooting from. Use the R button to look up, then blast the lasers. If you are centered correctly, no lasers will get you.

Death Star Attack: Trench Battle

Boss: Darth Vader

Wait for the counter to read zero, then fir your photon torpedoes.