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Challenge Points

Battle of Hoth

There are a total of 3 challenge points in this level and all you have to do to get them is destroy the AT-ATs (big walkers) by tripping them with your tow hooks.
To use the tow hooks, fly in close to the AT-ATs legs. When the game says to fire the tow cable, hit the Z button. Once it's hooked on, fly around the walker. The cable will automatically brake off when the walker starts to trip.

Escape from Echo Base

1 Go down the hall to your right until you came to a room with a red pole in it. Open the hatch to the right of the pole.
2 Leave the room and continue down the hall. You'll come accross four containers against a wall, blast them away to reveal a secret room.
3 When you come to the first bridge, jump on the ledge to the right.
4 After the bridge and through the cave, go to the right.
5 Look behined the right generator at the beginning of the second stage.
6 From #5, jump back on to the catwalk and go straight ahead. Jump across the gap to an opening in the wall.
7 At the second set of generators, look behined the generator on the right of the catwalk.
8 At the second set of generators, look behined the generator on the left of the catwalk.
9 When the ground cracks open, a point will appear through the left wall.
10 After you defeat teh AT-ST, go through the hall until you come accross some containers. Blast them away to reveal a hidden room.

The Asteroid Field

In this stage the challenge points are hidden as red asteroids. Shoot them and you will gain a point. There are a total of 6 points.

Ord Mantell Junkyard

1 At the start of the stage a point will appear in midair.
2 Jump above the left side of the first barrier.
3 Jump above the right side of the fifth barrier.
4 Look inside the first walled train car.
5 After the left track drops into toxic waste you will see a point in midair above the track ahead.
6 When the tracks come together you'll find a point in the last car on the next train.
7 Look on the roof of the first car with stairs.
8 From #7, jump to the next car and look above the low wall.
9 Look on the right side of the first train engine.
10 During the battle with IG-88, you'll find a point on a pile of junk to the left of the train.
11 Go inside the first smelter.
12 Go inside the second smelter.

Gall Spaceport

1 Behind the Outrider, you'll find some rocks. Jump on them to get on top of the ship.
2 After the wampa, you'll come across a thin path to the right of the main path. Follow it until you reach a rock tower. The point is on top.
3 Inside the base, you'll see a point in midair. (You'll need the jet pack to get it.)
4 Look on top of the tower where you find the jet pack. Use the jet pack to fly up there.
5 Fly to the first rock tower. Look up and to the right.
6 When you come to the first ferry, jet down the side of the cliff to come to a hidden room.
7 Before you get on the ferry, go to the mouth of the cave and fly up to a ledge to the left.
8 Get on the ferry. When it docks, jet across the chasm to a ledge.
9 After you beat the AT-ST, look around where the switches opened up.
10 In the air shafts, fly between the fan blades in the first vertical shaft.
11 Once out of the air shafts, at the entrance large chamber look up and left.
12 A point will appear in midair on the second ferry ride.
13 Look above the shuttle in the second landing bay.
14 While fighting Boba Fett, jet down through the gap to the left.
15 From #14, go to the opening to the chasm and jet down the cliff to a ledge.

Mos Eisley and Begger's Canyon

1 Jump right off the first ramp to the roof of a low building.
2 Look to the left side of the crashed ship.
3 Jump right off the second ramp to the roof of a low building.
4 from #3 jump across the street to a point. You can also do this by getting a lot of speed on the ramp.
5 Follow the main path and turn right at the building with the black stripe.
6 Follow the stripe to the other side of the building.
7 Follow the main path. Turn left into an alley just before the big empty area.
8 Look for another building with a black stripe. go into the alley around it.
9 At the end of the town, turn to the left. This point bares a striking resemblance to Max from the cartoon "Sam & Max", but don't let its looks fool you. It is indeed a challenge point.
10 Jump over the first Sarlacc pit and catch the point.
11 Jump over the second Sarlacc pit and catch the point.
12 This one's on top of the second stone bridge in Beggar's Canyon.

Imperial Freighter Suprosa

1 Go through the first door and turn left to a platform.
2 Blast the tripod laser after the first maze of rooms.
3 Look behined the back left corner of the first set of revolving doors.
4 Jump on the low wall after the second set of revolving doors.
5 Jump on the machinery behined the revolving platform.
6 From #5, jump to the next machine.
7 Look in a cargo bay on the second level. It's hidden in a container.
8 Look in a cargo bay on the second level. It's hidden in a container.
9 Look in a room on the third level. It's in the middle door.
10 After the loader droid has been defeated, look behined the super computer.

Sewers of Imperial City

1 Just before the second spinning wheel there will be a lighted area to the left. That is actually a door to a hidden room.
2 In the first large sewage pool, look under the first platform to the left.
3 In the first vertical shaft, go under water and flick the switches to reveal a hidden room.
4 Fly to the top of the next shaft and follow the tunnel.
5 From #4, go back to the shaft and fall down to another tunnel. Follow it and drop to the bottom of the next shaft.
6 Once through the security door. Get in the sewage pool and dive down to the far left.
7 Continue through to the next chamber and look around the center post.
8 In the second vertical shaft, look under water around the center post.
9 In the room just after the gears and before the boss's room, look at the top of the center post.

Xizor's Palace

1 At the end of the curved hall, hit the switch. The switch will open a hidden door that will appear behined you while at the same time opening the exit door.
2 At the first elevator, fly up and hit the upper switch.
3 At the second bridge, jump off it and go to the far right corner. Fly up to a hidden room.
4 At the beginning of stage 2, at the first elevator, hit the switch then fly to the top of the shaft.
5 Jump below the middle (slow moving) gear at the first set of gears.
6 From #5, press the wall to reveal a hidden tunnel. Follow it until you reach a large chamber. Fly up to collect a point near the windows.
7 Fly down between the first and second gears at the second set of gears.
8 In the large vertical shaft with the center pole, look for a hidden room on the first platform from the bottom.
9 In the large vertical shaft, look for a small hole in the center pole near the bottom
10 After the explosives have been set, exit the shaft and go to a large room with a bridge. Fly to the bridge and go left. Press the wall to reveal a hidden room.

Skyhook Battle

You don't have to worry about collecting challenge points on this level, because there are none!